The name given to redbull (energy drink) with a shot of goldschlager dropped into it and drank similar to a jagerbomb (made with jagermeister instead of goldschlager)
Down the glitterbomb!
by sparxxy February 18, 2010
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A fabulous glitter filled balloon, used while performing, that when popped showers eager audeince members in glitter.
I hope Siren hits me with a glitterbomb!
by Brian Ray April 6, 2008
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tell-tale sign a stripper leaves behind
Dude, that stripper totally GlitterBomb'd me! My chick is gonna be pissed!
by heyjude27 February 11, 2011
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1.)When a gay or group of gays attack someone. This person is usually straight.

2.)Throwing glitter at someone
1.)I got Glitterbombed by the GSA at school today. :'(

2.)Okay guise, lets go glitterbomb this bitch in the throat!
by xoxobran February 12, 2012
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Similar to a glamourbomb, although not necessarily related to faeries. Poetic terrorism, meant to spread wonder and happiness. Similar to random acts of kindness. Usually artistic and harmless.
"She hid the glittery doll in the playground where someone could find it."
by Orion Sandstorrm September 17, 2004
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A term Ke$ha fans use to reference some sort of awesome occurrence.
I just left the Ke$ha concert!! It was such a GLITTERBOMB!!!!
by MeganSayWhat April 28, 2011
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