3 definitions by the Cindy Moon

To lose one's composure or exact a vendetta of sorts. The term is inspired by the rash, violent and volatile moments chronicled in a fictional story by the same name.
If that dude texts you one more time, I'm gonna go godfather on his a--!
by the Cindy Moon January 6, 2014
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An audacious, annoying and generally "WASP" or "WASP" inspired ne'er-do-well worth more in tax debt. The breed is prevalent in Georgetown, Washington, DC, but can be found in Nantucket, the Vineyard and other "social" seasonal spots where work means less than conformity.
"Gee, Chris likes to appear as if he lives on a trust fund ... but we all know he's just part of the penniless glitterati."
by the Cindy Moon January 6, 2014
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Statements of an "official nature" lacking contextual evidence or substance, intentionally vague and confusing, so as to distract from the shallowness of the concept or proposal (yet formed).
Yeah, I spent 3 hours on the line with my insurance company and got no where... claims still unpaid. All T&C and yak yak yak... total 'Trumpolicy'... umph!
by the Cindy Moon May 31, 2016
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