A blue space monkey that was a supporting character in the various iterations of the popular 70s/80s DC Comics cartoon franchise Super Friends, a loose adaptation of the company's ever popular Justice League comic book.
(Should not be confused with the other kind of gleek, a fan of the abysmal FOX show Glee )
Girl: I love Glee so much, I'm such a gleek!
Guy: You mean you're a blue monkey from a crappy 80s cartoon?
by Tomontherun999 June 01, 2012
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the act of squirting a small stream of saliva from somewhere under the tongue or in the cheek. could be from a black hole, no one knows. can happen on accident when yawning or can be done on purpose, mostly on people to bug them. can be called cobra yawn when done on accident. name comes from the sound that is sometimes made.
1. That Taylor chick would not stop gleeking on me in health class so I almost smacked her.

2. I gleeked on my worksheet and didn't notice until I tried to write on it and the paper tore.
by xXxNeVeRmOrExXx May 17, 2009
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A gleek is a fan of the show Glee.

If you are a fan who loves Glee, you may call your self a Gleek.

Lima loser is acceptable too.

*Credit given to Lily with a Y*
Lili:"Did YOU watch Glee last night?"
Lily:"Of Course! Were Gleeks!"
by lilisgr8erthanyou November 19, 2009
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To eject a thin squirt of saliva from underneath ones tongue. Usually directed onto someone else’s face unexpectedly. Unless you have “mate” who does it on purpose. A gleeker is also known to ambush you with a cupcake (fart in the hand). They are also proficient in the art of the stink finger attack. I think this “friend” may have invented the term “gleek” back in the early 80’s at school. He is quite possibly the guru of Gleekism.
“F#@king hell, Mitch stop gleeking on my face you filthy shit”
by Campbell High October 28, 2009
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An enthusiast of the FOX show, Glee; A Glee Geek
Jake: I think I'm going to start doing the assignments Mr. Shoester assigns the New Directions Club on Glee.
Amy: You're such a gleek.
by sunglasses616 May 13, 2010
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someone who is obsessed with the tv show Glee on fox. They have never missed an episode of glee and just the thought of it makes them freak out. In the event that their cable went out they would go across the street and watch with other gleeks. They can watch the same episode over and over again and never get tired of it. They loving introducing people to Glee and turning them into gleeks.
The gleek could not stop talking about how AMAZING last nights episode was and is really excited to see the next episode.
by dancer24 April 21, 2010
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To spit saliva from your mouth by splashing it with the bottom of your tongue. Sometimes people gleek involuntarily while talking because the drool piles up in the bottom of their mouth.
by UrbanLinguistics March 03, 2015
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