That long stream of spit that sprays out from under your tongue.
I have a gleeking problem! I didn't mean to but I was talking to him and I totally gleeked everywhere!
by DestielandPhanforever August 28, 2015
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verb: to be overly excited by the new FOX television show 'Glee'. Possibly described as fangirling about the show or its characters. Best when done in groups.
Person 1: Oh my gosh, I was totally Gleeking about the new episode of 'Glee' last night!
Person 2: Yeah! Me too! I loooved the musical number!
Person 1: I know, it was so awesome. And did you notice... (etc)
by Talia Awesome October 2, 2009
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Able to squirt liquids through your top front teeth.
He sat at the bar gleeking every girl that walked by.
by Caammaa March 12, 2018
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building up saliva in the salivary glands using some stimulus, like sour food or yawning, and then pressing the tongue upon the glands, causing the saliva to shoot out, usually at an impressive distance.
Shit, Eric just gleeked all over my food!
by mike April 26, 2003
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Originated from the 70's superhero cartoon Spaceghost where a space monkey character named Gleek from the planet Exxor would often spit from under his tongue. The word 'gleeking' was derived from this action.
"Nice going, Gleek. I didn't think anything could stop Super-mouth! Your gleeking has once again saved the universe!"
by MarcG January 20, 2007
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being gleeked is when someones uses the use of saliva glands to shoot saliva at you.
"I can't believe you just gleeked me!"

"I haven't ever been gleeked."(:
by Katie Mae. September 29, 2010
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the use of ones saliva glands to shoot the saliva a credible disatnce, with the intention of hitting someone
Damnit Matt, your fucking uncle gleeked on me again
by martay February 18, 2003
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