a gleek is a fan of the American show Glee
The gleeks couldn't wait for the next Glee episode to air.
by A.NO November 13, 2013
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Bert's amazing ability to shoot saliva out of megasweet glands in his mouth, shooting it at nice distances and getting a heavy amount of saliva into it.
Tyler: Bert, thats nasty.
Bert: Dude, gleek is righteousness gnarly.
by ll3ert March 21, 2007
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See also fags: Homosexual mens and womens who love some Glee
Is that dude watching glee??

Why yes he is, he is a homosexual glee fan now trying to be called Gleeks

Oh, thats gay

That is the point
by krisitgotabigbooty April 27, 2010
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when a guy and a girl are having buttsex, the guy will pull out, gleek (projectile spit coming from the glands under the tounge) on the girls back to make her believe he came. and when she turns around he will cum on her face.
"Damm man that girl is fine, hit the gleek on that!"
by shaboopalaboopy11 July 17, 2009
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A fangirl or boy of the show Glee. Secretley wishes to get slushied in the face. Has a mental list of their favorite solos, duets, and group numbers from the show. Probably has downloaded at least 10 glee songs off itunes. Loves to hate Sue Sylvester. Wonders why everyone on the show is so damn hot. A gleek devotes a portion of their life to glee, soaking in the weekly drama and wondering what will happen next after each and every episode. When the glee club wins nationals, a gleek feels like a winner themselves, since they have practically been on the road with the New Directions since the pilot episode. Probably ships Finchel, Klaine, Britanna, or Quick.
Is that seriously Suzy's 7th episode of glee in a row? God, get off the couch already you frickin gleek!
by babygigi June 24, 2014
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A person obsessed with the hit series 'Glee'. A Gleek is often a social nonidentity, struggling to fit in which is why they watch the show.
Person A: Hey look at that Gleek over there sitting by themself, they're so weird.
Person B: C'Mon, they're a Gleek, what did you expect?
Person A: Guess so... moving on
by frizzy lizzy September 08, 2011
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To regurgitate spit by pressing on the spit gland at the rear of your throat, thus creating a projectile effect in astounding quantities.
Guy1: OMG, did you see that totally stupid nerd running down the hall the other day? Vince or whatever?

Guy2: Oh, yeah, the one I gleeked on?

Guy1: Ha, me too, bro! Nice! -High 5-
by the_realistic_numbers112 July 19, 2011
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