go kill satan, kill it, yodel after killing it
you know you should gky. you could become the next satan if you just gky
by queefingmaster March 2, 2021
A: I'm so great, I have a lot of girls, they love me so much, I have a Porsche, I have a lot of money, I have...
B: Noob, GKYS
by .....RIP....... July 12, 2008
A: I asked my mom to give me a Range Rover for graduation, instead I got a 2011 Acura MDX. FML.
by BeBruno September 30, 2011
pronounced gee kee kill oi kee it means go kill your kill or i'll kill you. it can be used in situations where you are losing an argument and need a comeback that is witty and quick. Derived from gkysoiky
Person One: yo yo yo... ummm you are not cool
Person Two: oh yeh well your so ugly when you walk past a toilet it flushes
Person One: oh crap I need to something to zing him hell bad Gky kill oiky
Person Two: *loses*
by Ownage Mcownage October 27, 2006