The definition of lame banter.
Often used by the Banter Biter upon realisation that they are unable to come up with a witty or halfway intelligent retort.
Rupert: James, you're leaving this early? Are you using your Spacklock again? - Oh and nice Red Cords by the way, you Trouser Triangle.
James: Go Kill Yourself.
by Wordsmith Ru February 5, 2009
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Adjective. When someone is so outrageously attractive that it is the universe's way of telling you (the far less attractive individual) to 'Just go kill yourself, there is no point in trying. You will never land a babe like her'.

Less macabre alternative: just give up hot
That girl isn't just hot, she's go kill yourself hot.
by scientifick January 4, 2016
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A variation of telling someone you're going to kill or murder them, commonly used in jokes or slangs among middle schoolers.
Dude if you don't stfu, I'm going to kill yourself!
by Cornell_Cornelius_Cornbob September 27, 2022
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