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pronounced gee kee kill oi kee it means go kill your kill or i'll kill you. it can be used in situations where you are losing an argument and need a comeback that is witty and quick. Derived from gkysoiky
Person One: yo yo yo... ummm you are not cool
Person Two: oh yeh well your so ugly when you walk past a toilet it flushes
Person One: oh crap I need to something to zing him hell bad Gky kill oiky
Person Two: *loses*
by Ownage Mcownage October 27, 2006
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one of the best/worst abreviations ever. can be said gee-kee-soiky, or g-k-y-s-o-i-k-y. it stands for go kill urself or ill kill you... pretty ownage eh.
Person 1: hey dude i guess i am a complete loser, did u know i have a bout as many friends as a rock
Person 2: really well then gkysoiky
Person 1: damn i just got served... 2 times
by Ownage Mcownage October 24, 2005
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