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Shorthand for "good job" or "great job".
1. Term used to praise someone for a meritorious deed.
2. Term used sarcastically to tease someone for goofing up.
(1st def.) gj, thanks for burning me that game.
(2nd def.) gj, numbnuts.
by ray gee February 28, 2003
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Gum Job, When a toothless woman (usually a granny or a meth head) bobbles your knob.

A Gum Job is very similar to a blow job, this act requires less than 10% of the womanโ€™s teeth to be remaining.
Not sure if she was a granny or a meth head but this wrinkled bitch gave me a wicked GJ for an old half eaten McDouble.
by Idon June 12, 2018
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A gumjob. Similar to a blowjob, but usually performed by someone old enough to be considered "elderly". The elder removes their false teeth/dentures and proceeds to service their partner orally.

Made popular by popular YouTube icons Ethan and Hila Klein of the channel h3h3productions. In a commentary video regarding a TLC documentary ( which featured Kyle "The Cougar Champ", a younger man who only dates older women ), Ethan and Hila posed the question of, "Does he get blowjobs from elders?", with Hila referring to them as "GJ"s, or gumjobs.

A subsequent episode of their H3 Podcast ( H3 Podcast #67 - Drake vs Pusha-T & Skippy vs Kyle ), in which they interview Kyle ( and Skippy, a 34-yr-old virgin who also appeared on a TLC documentary and one of their reaction videos ), Hila and Ethan bring up the topic of GJs.
Ethan: Yo, Hila, how about hittin' me up with one of those GJs?
Hila: Dammit, Ethan. I don't have dentures.
Ethan: That's alright, doggy. Appreciate ya, papa bless.
by BigBoiDeclan June 12, 2018
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When a girl with french braids gives you head while hanging upside down from a shower rod. AKA gurf job or gurf. The word originated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
1. Jake- Last night i totally got a gj from this girl.
Elliott- No way, thats awesome

2. Jake- C'mon baby give me a gj
Shaniquia- Hell no, i ain't russian, i'm black, i can't bend like that.
by Wiz Kollifa June 06, 2009
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Google Jockey: Someone who loves to google things for other people. They are often heard saying, " Wait, let me google that for you." You will also hear them saying, "When I get home, I have to google that." GJ's are famous for using Google as a means to finding the answer anything and everything.
"Hey GJ, look up GJ on Urban Dictionary for me." "Don't worry, we will get GJ Jody to look that up for us."
by Jagyl December 04, 2011
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Gj a name of great importance. Defines attraction, amazing persona and character. Although as stubborn as a bull, Gj is definitely a keeper and will stand by you through the thickest of problems. Did I mention Gj is sexy?
by Kingclam December 08, 2010
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Gremlin Job. When a girl sabotages your clock to distort your sense of time as she goes down on you.

The resulting inadvertent late-night feeding transforms her into a disgusting, slimy beast. The phenomenon begins when you get one girl wet and she seems to magically multiply and you are constantly surrounded by mischievous talent.
Brett: Where have you been?
John: Getting a GJ.
Brett: I don't even want to know...

John: I was messing around with this one girl and next thing I know all her friends are dtf.
Brett: When it rains it pours, right?
John: Word. So I was gonna peace out early but the sluts messed with my phone and froze my clock.
Brett: You didn't feed them after midnight did you?!?!?
John: Well....
by core38 August 10, 2010
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