Shorthand for "good job" or "great job".
1. Term used to praise someone for a meritorious deed.
2. Term used sarcastically to tease someone for goofing up.
(1st def.) gj, thanks for burning me that game.
(2nd def.) gj, numbnuts.
by ray gee February 28, 2003
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When a girl with french braids gives you head while hanging upside down from a shower rod. AKA gurf job or gurf. The word originated in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin.
1. Jake- Last night i totally got a gj from this girl.
Elliott- No way, thats awesome

2. Jake- C'mon baby give me a gj
Shaniquia- Hell no, i ain't russian, i'm black, i can't bend like that.
by Wiz Kollifa June 7, 2009
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short for the band glassjaw.

glassjaw is one of the greatest bands ever
and has a really cool/g000d logo!


person 1- yo i just bought a gj sweatshirt
person 2- werd, thats cool i love gj
person 3- umm whats gj stand for?
person 1&2- !!! it stands for glassjaw obviously!
by sw333td000d April 7, 2008
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a person who's really bad at bw and has trash internet all the time

often classified as a person who has a skill issue

Goosegale: smh skill issue
by Kazariiiiiiiiiiii-chan September 5, 2021
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Gj means good job! there is barely any happy slang anymore so I made some.
patricia: i won the competetion!
Patricia:thanks Tyrone
by mynailsrtooshort January 29, 2017
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The combined names of people named George and CJ. This is used to describe the emotional attraction between these two names of people, as we all pray that ship will hurry up and set sail.
GJ is a word everybody in our year knows!! George and CJ need to hurry up and sort it out already!
by VolcanicClash March 25, 2020
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A gumjob. Similar to a blowjob, but usually performed by someone old enough to be considered "elderly". The elder removes their false teeth/dentures and proceeds to service their partner orally.

Made popular by popular YouTube icons Ethan and Hila Klein of the channel h3h3productions. In a commentary video regarding a TLC documentary ( which featured Kyle "The Cougar Champ", a younger man who only dates older women ), Ethan and Hila posed the question of, "Does he get blowjobs from elders?", with Hila referring to them as "GJ"s, or gumjobs.

A subsequent episode of their H3 Podcast ( H3 Podcast #67 - Drake vs Pusha-T & Skippy vs Kyle ), in which they interview Kyle ( and Skippy, a 34-yr-old virgin who also appeared on a TLC documentary and one of their reaction videos ), Hila and Ethan bring up the topic of GJs.
Ethan: Yo, Hila, how about hittin' me up with one of those GJs?
Hila: Dammit, Ethan. I don't have dentures.
Ethan: That's alright, doggy. Appreciate ya, papa bless.
by BigBoiDeclan June 4, 2018
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