Coined by the now famous comedian "Larry the Cable Guy". It has traditionally been associated with such social stratum as "redneck" or "hillbilly", but as since gained a much wider usage base. It can be, and is most often used, to answer just about any question. Replace with words and phrases such as: yes, no, sure, why not, sorry, wednesday does not work for me, I said no mayo but thats fine......and so on.

It can be also used as an expression of joy or approval.
Question: "Hey, the party is open-bar?"
Answer: "Yeah it is...git r' dun"

Question: "You got an A on your Psychology test?"
Answer: "Git r' dun"

Question: "Is it okay if I go hook up with you cousin?"
Answer: "Git r' dun"

Or, as a showing of approval:

"Hey man.....Ford finally put the 5.4L V8 in the Mustang!"
"giiiit r' dun!"

"I just hooked up with my cousin"
"git r' dun"
by Balls Mallory September 30, 2005
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Statement of support, encouragement, or respect from one blue collar guy, military man, cowboy, redneck, country boy or rough neck to another. Never to be used by city slickers, yuppies and those not seeking the affections of the opposite sex! Used to define a moment to come, a moment that passed or a dream one hopes will come true. Most oftenly refered to by guys in reference to potential sexual encounters with hot chicks. Commonly refers to times when to cowboy up would be required.
1) Two guys at a bar, ones sees a really hot chick, the other guy says "Git R Dun" 2) Men's League Softball, Bases loaded, guy walks up to the plate, his buddies say "Git R Dun", 3) Honky Tonk Bar, Mechanical Bull, Urban Cowboys, guy steps up to ride this "bull", his pals say "Git R Dun"
by Rick Rowe April 14, 2004
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A phrase that finds it's way through redneck's ear and out his ass hundreds of times a day. It is actually french for "I would like someone to shove a pencil with a troll on the eraser up my asshole". Please abide.
Boy 1: "Git R Dun"!!!

Boy 2 ::Shoves troll-tipped pencil up Boy 1's cornhole::

All is well in the forest.
by Vironex July 22, 2006
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Stupid quote that is used way too often. Often responded to, by quoting a comedian who is actually funny, with "I'm covered in bees!"
Redneck Guy: "Git R Dun"
Other Guy: (with an English accent) "I'm covered in bees!"
by jstone January 25, 2005
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Something that faggot pro-Southern rednecks will say. They also say it too much. It is a mangled manipulation of "Get It Done" like every other normal person on this planet says.
You can think Larry The Cable Guy for bringing this retarded phrase into the mainstream.
by The Loyal Bush Legionary February 05, 2005
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pr. Git er dun
1. Make it so, let there be light, make it happen, etc.
2. What I say to my husband.
3. What doesn't happen after I say Git R Dun to my husband.
4. What Larry the Cable guy says (question? Does he do it if his wife tells him to Git R Dun?"
Time to mow the lawn! Nah, I feel like a nap instead.
....GIT R DUN ! Or else say bye bye to sexo time for the next month. I means it!
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A time which while working on a car or seeing a hick nascar friend, instead of saying a greeting, you yell Git R Dun Nascar!
John sees Jerry in the parking lot and yells "Git R Dun nascar"
Jerry responds "thats right son Git R Dun Nascar"!
by Jacob H May 20, 2007
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