A loud, rowdy bar that plays 'honky tonk' country music. Typically full of drunken hillbillies having a good ole' time. To go out 'honky tonkin' is to go out on the town to honky tonk bars and get drunk.
Sam likes to stay out at the honky tonk to 3 in the morning.
by OneBadAsp June 20, 2005
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A place where a lot of rowdy crazy and fun hillbillies and country folk get together and dance and play country music icons such as Hank Williams jr and sr George strait and many others they dance and have a grand ole time
Hey we’re gonna go down to the honky Tonk with some friends wanna come.
by Cattywampus human April 14, 2020
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At the culmination of coitus (preferably doggy-style) you retrieve your banjo, lift it over your shoulder and bring it down upon your present partners head. The dossal tones that will emanate from this southern harp will remind one of a honky tonk.

-a slight variation would be to sing a country or blue grass line (instrumental or vocal) before impact.
Most girls don't care for country or blue grass, but everyone enjoys a good honky tonk.

-Hey Jen, where did that bump come from?

-One of the 12 guys I screwed for money gave me a honky tonk.
by J. Cooper December 28, 2005
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That be the sound it make when you hit a white man on his forehead with a spoon.
Did you heard the "honky tonk" when Fred got he self hit just above his eye brow with that old tea spoon.
by DanoC November 8, 2005
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Get the Honky Tonk out of the drawer and peel those granny smiths
by Jonag July 29, 2008
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It means/I am the Devil/Hence all country slang means that as does Hip hop
Honky tonk yo homie g

I am the devil give me your soul I come from the seventh layer of he11
by Siiko May 4, 2007
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