The idea, intertwined with feminism, that the promotion of "girly" features which have been considered formerly as weak and fragile are actually strong and resilient. These are traits to take pride in. Girlism stands for the strength of being girly, the lack of need to change girly personalities in order to be valid, brave, and feministic.
She exudes a kind of girlism that does not apologize for wearing a dress and instead basks in the effortless confidence being a young woman holds.
by noname12345678910 August 8, 2019
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"Check out that girlism!"
by girlism, August 25, 2007
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noun: an action that represents a woman falling into people-pleasing patterns, the conditioned practice of being an obedient female.
Having a boundary crossed is a real test for a recovering people-pleaser, she might collapse into good girlism.
by lovehascalledameeting June 7, 2022
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A term used by feminists to promote the importance of being a girl, and of acting and becoming one.
Girl 1: "i like being dominated by men"
Girl 2: "Girlism!"
by kitten fingers June 19, 2022
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