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My snoraphobia kicks in when I'm on a long flight and know I'll fall asleep.
by lovehascalledameeting May 27, 2016
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1. wretchedly painful to feel, experience, or embody.

"her heart broke in the most miserious way"

2. (of a person) deliberately causing distress or suffering.
"the evil king was miserious to his people"
My invitation to life is to enter me fully, this requires that I allow even the miserious to flow through me.
by lovehascalledameeting May 15, 2016
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The labiatory is an explorative space where a variety of touch and stroking is used to test for sensation and pleasure in a woman's outer genitalia.
We spent an hour in the labiatory and discovered her touch preferences.
by lovehascalledameeting May 31, 2021
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The gateway one passes through when suffering heartbreak or emotional despair that spontaneously emerges into radical self-love and acceptance of all that is.
After going through the pain portal, I feel freedom in my discomfort rather than a desire to avoid it.
by lovehascalledameeting May 17, 2016
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She's obsessed with colored petals, thorns and blossoms, she's a rosaphile.
by lovehascalledameeting April 22, 2020
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noun: an action that represents a woman falling into people-pleasing patterns, the conditioned practice of being an obedient female.
Having a boundary crossed is a real test for a recovering people-pleaser, she might collapse into good girlism.
by lovehascalledameeting June 7, 2022
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