(n.)the one human female which holds certain super-human abilities such as: mind control, mood swings, playing tired, breaking the bank, and unlimited talking;
"Uh oh, my girlfriend's calling me."

"Do you mind if my girlfriend comes?"

"My girlfriend says that if I don't know, then she's not telling me. What's that suppose to mean?!?"
by Chubbs April 30, 2004
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A female whom is not only your best friend but someone who cares for you and is a constant comfort in someones life. Girlsfriends also make you feel like your the most special person in the universe.The most wonderful and gracious person who for some lucky people may end up with forever.
Ceri, my girlfriend, is the perfect example of the above!!!!
by Incognito85 March 03, 2006
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the one person you can really share everything with and who will be there through the good, the bad and the fucking excellent - notjust significant other, but essential.
by Pete May 07, 2003
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Not to be confused with the compound word girlfriend, a "girl friend" (two words) is a girl who is your friend, but not a girlfriend.

Every guy should have a girl friend. A good girl friend is just like one of the guys, except a girl. Also, if you're going through shit with your girlfriend then it's nice to know you have a female on your side.

Girl friends don't have to be unattractive, either. But keep in mind that a girl friend shouldn't be confused with a romance interest you're trying to buddy-up first-- Girl friends remain strictly really good friends, even best friends.
My girlfriend dumped me because she thinks I lack the ability to be affectionate.

My girl friend Heather says that my (ex)girlfriend is just a stupid nympho and I'm perfectly date-able. Then we drank some beer and played Super Smash Bros.
by ryan y February 22, 2006
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A female who means the world to you. Someone who you love, would die for, and would do anything just so they could smile. If she is feeling sad, so will you. Vice versa if she's happy. You must treat this person right, respectfully with allot of love and care.
I cannot wait till I can see my girlfriend this weekend!
by Superjj9930 May 06, 2015
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Not you mother, sister, female cousin or female friend. A female that once you’ve officially established is your exclusive partner (i.e., intimate, peer, best friend), you want to kiss without her asking you. More importantly, when she asks for a kiss you give it up without question. And, even more notably, you are able to kiss without the expectation that you will get laid.

In conclusion, a girlfriend is a female that (particularly in the initial stages of the relationship) you want to make feel special and wanted (not rejected/unwanted) by showing her affection through the simple act of a passionate kiss.
Female: Baby, give me a kiss before you go.
Male: Leans over and kisses the girlfriend passionately then leaves (all without going for grabs or wanting to get lucky).
by cheeky_neraitha March 26, 2008
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