Get In My Pants. When you want someone in your pants, and you want them in your pants now!
Luke: I'm a Dj.
Leila: omg, GIMP!
by TheRealMvpRSAian May 10, 2016
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You know the guy. He wears 11 Degrees or Silk Clothes. Has a skin fade. Wears black, but not in a goth way. Probably wears anything sold in JD Sports apart from actual sports wear.
Your man over there is some Gimp. He’s a very gimpy haircut.
by NotConorMcGregor January 31, 2018
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(Noun) A male sex slave that usually has some form of a mental disability. Usually gay.
Dang that guy has a really hot gimp!
by Buffalo Braniac October 17, 2017
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A Gimp is Scottish Slang for a young male who is anything but a Ned (Scottish Chav) They are bullied by Neds for wearing Skinny Jeans and having Stylish Haircuts they usually wear Converse or Vans, They dont have many friends because they spend most of their time trying to impress Girls and they try to be Popular in their school and suck up to the Popular people and are treated very badly but dont do anything to stop it hence the word Gimp coming from a Sex Slave who is used you can spot a Gimp sometimes by Looking for a Ellesse Tracktop with a Pretty Green t-shirt or a Lyle & Scott or Lacoste Polo accompanied by Skinny Jeans and Vans or Converse shoes but be wary because if the person doesn't have all these appearances they're is a fair chance they are not a Gimp
''Aha look at that Gimp across the Road Aha I bet hes off to go try impress girls in Mcdonalds wit a Fucking gimp lets just smash him now aha''

''Ano mate look at him I think hes wearing his wee sisters Jeggings aha''
by Hoods Wan January 26, 2017
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A breed that's a cross between a geek and a chimp.
"Your dad is a geek, your moms a chimp, so that makes you a gimp!"
by panic oasis October 16, 2016
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A tall person usually over six feet.
Most Irish people use it to describe their lanky mates.
Haha look at that gimp he’s basically a tree.

Stop being a gimp and do it.

Jesus lad tallest fucker in the room you are one big gimp.
by Couldn’t be more Irish July 14, 2018
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