having a pleasing or showy appearance that conceals something of little worth.
"Wow did you see that girl...she looks good?"

"Be careful man, Ive hungout with that girl...Shes gilded!"
by nic12345 December 12, 2007
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A Gild is a loyal person. Who will do things to help you when you can't be bothered. For example, "Gild get my laptop charger". However they are somewhat weak Physically. You could compare a Gild to a shrimp. A Gild is always someone who you regard as Harmless.
Gild fetch me my water bottle
by Anonymous12345698765676879 November 16, 2020
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Gild=God I Love Dick, God I Love David, God I Love Dinosaurs. Basically anything that starts with the letter D can be put at the end and you can say "God I Love (Anything that starts with the letter D) " Saying GILD puts you into the GILD Clan, basically means you love dick.
"GILD!" "God I Love Dick, it's so good, especially Gabe's." "God I love... DICK!" and also randomly yelling GILD.
by Sirnicholas666 April 24, 2011
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When a Male tucks his cock and balls between his thighs, bends over and proceeds to urinate on his partner.
Dude... last night I gave my wife a golden shower.

Golden shower... that's child's play. You need to give her the Gilded Goat!!
by The real G-Rad August 29, 2018
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To spend money to "improve" or "pimp out" a worthless item such as a crappy car, dump of a house, or other such item. Usually done by spending more to upgrade an item than was paid for it but still not actually increasing the value of the item with these upgrades.
After Sam spent $1900 to pimp out his $300 rusted out, beat up, 1982 Celebrity all he got for his trouble was a gilded turd and credit card debt.

"My sister is a moron."
"Why's that?"
"She bought a $30,000 burnt out house in the worst part of town and spent $100,000 making it livable. Now she can't sell it because everyone who could afford it doesn't want to live anywhere near that part of town."
"Sounds like she's got a gilded turd on her hands."
by Brett Burkhardt May 12, 2008
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To adorn unnecessarily something already beautiful. The expression is a condensation of Shakespeare's metaphor in King John: "To gild refined gold, to paint the lily ... is wasteful and ridiculous excess." i.e., you wouldn't need to add gold to a beautiful lily.
Jennilyn is so beauitful that putting on makeup is just Gilding the Lilly.
by _Andy_ June 24, 2006
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