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Gild=God I Love Dick, God I Love David, God I Love Dinosaurs. Basically anything that starts with the letter D can be put at the end and you can say "God I Love (Anything that starts with the letter D) " Saying GILD puts you into the GILD Clan, basically means you love dick.
"GILD!" "God I Love Dick, it's so good, especially Gabe's." "God I love... DICK!" and also randomly yelling GILD.
by Sirnicholas666 April 23, 2011
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God's Child-- these bitches really be out here representing jesus. Gild's are super fucking religious and always wait till marriage before getting a bitch pregnant. Crosses around their neck 24/7 and church every sunday at 10am.
Rebecca: "Did you see Margret yesterday walking into church?? I didn't know she was so religious."
Tabitha: "Are you kidding me?? That girl is the biggest gild i know!"
by caterpillar pregnant April 01, 2019
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