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Juice that makes you giggle at the most pathetic things, otherwise known as beer and/or booze. Giggle juice is a collective term for any alcoholic beverage that has the ability to instigate frivolity or laughter. Large quantities may cause the subject to fall down...... and may even result sleep... Zzzz
Yo mate, you got any giggle juice on ya?
by Game.Devil1 April 15, 2006
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The very rare sound that one has when an unexpected orgasm, either by sexual contact or by masturbating sneaks up on you. The result is usually a slight stuttering grunt, followed by a small giggle due to the surprise of unexpected orgasm.
So there I was in the bathroom of that nightclub we went to last night, getting the most heavenly b.j. when all of a sudden my giggle juice came gushing out of me like I was in a starburst comercial, and it went all over this poor chicks face. I was trying to holding onto the walls while my giggle juice had me sounding like a kinky school girl!
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A particular favored drink that makes one especially horny.
Rose wine is my girlfriend's gigglejuice. After many glasses of rose, my girlfriend is ready to rip my clothes off and ride my big dick.
by ponchoes August 25, 2017
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