n. a person of German origin who insists on wearing clothes and following trends of the urban, hip-hop, predominantly African American culture.

pronounced jig-ah.

#2: ahh, you gigga!
by humans are scary July 28, 2006
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Goths who want to be a black gangster
Goth: I wanna be a gangster
An actual nigga: faggot you belong with a group of Giggas.
Goth: *sad*
by Realestboi June 29, 2017
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Variant of nigga blended with geek, used among geeks in reference to each other as an ironic but usefully race-neutral term of fraternal esteem, artfully evoking the dual, respectful-from-brothers/offensive-from-others aspects of both source terms. See geek speak.
Hollaz to mah Gigga h0mi3z on da Techflizzo'!
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