a word used to define someone that is homosexual but you don't want to put gay / a meme that extended from "your mom gay"
by amos: Isaiah_dj September 5, 2018
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This is a different way to spell the word gay, however, the person typing it is scared of getting in trouble by spelling it like this instead of the correct way.
Person 1: Your mom giey.
Person 2: Why did you spell "gay" giey?
Person 1: Because I might get banned by Ubisoft if I spell it the right way.
by BeanMan420 February 8, 2021
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an underrated meme that i love; typically replied to with “no u” or “ur grannys a tranny
“u know what? ur mom giey.”
no u,, ur grannys a tranny
by baby shark May 31, 2018
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Kind of like "Ur mom gay" but even better. Even harder to deflect or reverse.

Are's = are/arse
Person 1: Henlo
Person 2: Ur moma are's giey
*Person 1 fell to death*
by IncogBoii April 26, 2018
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One of the most powerful insults for someone not familiar with the phrase ‘No U
Person 1:Can you buy me a maccys?
Person 2: What!No!
Person1: Shut up ur mom giey
by FUkinHEllCHantel June 6, 2019
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