Derogatory n. pl. Black person. Usually of lower class and mentality.
Most of those jigaboos end up washing cars or shooting each other.
by frylock April 23, 2003
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A racial slur typically for a black individual that's wilder than the others
1.All the jiggas call me jigaboo
2.So I Heard requis call me a jigaboo
by Jigaboo jig black April 4, 2017
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An offensive term for a black person. Similar in weight to nigger.
Damn Jigaboo! He stole my car!
by bluestorm100 June 8, 2005
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jigaboo is directed towards black people f.y.i. you were thinking of wigger.
hey look at that jigaboo's ashy ass elbows
by magnanomorph influenza August 22, 2005
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The kind of music that usually accompanies Lady GaGa
"Its hard to really hear her voice with all that jigaboo music"
by 330cic February 25, 2015
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