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In Everquest and other games, it means gotta go pee and is usually followed by the ever popular brb
Fighter - Ready to pull this mob?
Mage - No dude, GGP, BRB.
by Formallyaddicted2EQ May 09, 2005
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Your mom is a crack ho in the ggp.
Where did all the rydas go the ggp is full of assholes now
by Reginald Roundtree August 28, 2006
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1 Acronym used by girls to refer to their gang of 'Gorgeous Gal Pals'. GGPs can be found roaming in packs, and can be identified by their unyielding sisterhood and their high-pitched calls.

2 Another defining characteristic of GGPs is their general celebration of all things uber girly, in which context GGP can be used as an adjective.
1 ‘Big night on the town locked in with the GGPs on Thursday night.’

2 ‘Oh my God. That gerbera flower arrangement is soooo GGP!’
by Blingers_Trickery September 23, 2009
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acronym sometimes used to refer to a 'Global Gender Problem' but most of the time its a description of the fair sex meaning 'G-Grade Puss'. They can also be used togther (example).
Fred: 'John, Be careful with dem GGPz or we'll create a GGP'
John: 'We already have a GGP, Fred, let me have my GGP'
by T-br0o April 11, 2007
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