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A "code" expression used by whites to alert one another that the location is beginning to become occupied by blacks.
1. "This party is getting dark, let's head to another."

2. Person A "Hey let's go to Joey's!"
Person B "Nah, John said that place was getting dark."
by Drew Jenkins January 31, 2008
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The phenomena that occurs when you and some of your mates stay up too late in a poorly light room and experience a natural high. Side affects include but are not limited to: random screaming, an affinity towards nazi zombies, and freaking out
Hey dude, you wanna go get super dark at max's house after the football game tonight?

Dude, open your eyes, you are getting way too darked out.

Basically getting dark allows you to experience real reality, but it is very easy to get caught in a dark room; if you get caught in a dark room, your brain will fly.
by Darkmaster69 December 01, 2011
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