when your biology teacher decides it's a good time to dab during class
Hey Mrs. Steblein was all "when bio gets lit" today in class.
by mhsisgr8 October 21, 2016
"Get it lit" is often a term used by police officers when they are going to an immediate job where they require the use of blue lights & Sirens
1. Passenger. "You hear that job on the Radio? An Immediate."
2. Driver "Yo. Bitch, get it lit"
3. Right'Oh slag
by Nema May 17, 2007
1.) Turn me on

2.) Get me drunk or high
Def 1 :

“Im with whatever...Im with everything, Get me lit...wassup!”

Def 2:

“Party tonight? GET ME LIT BOYS”
by hateyopictures May 26, 2020
A description of someone who is either a "slut" or someone who rides with anything ,the phrase was brought to life by the late drill king , Pop smoke
by G lordess June 13, 2021
When you and your homies listen to dank rap music and talk about whats good
we had a lit get together bruh
by dumpsterdoug May 18, 2016
When someone gets burned really bad at any activity. An epic fail. Becoming a loser.
When I got dumped, my girlfriend said I have a small dick.
Dude, you were getting your tits lit by her.
by Keithhhh June 26, 2017
A moment that happens somewhere in the hood when two or more screw around and randomly get themselves into an argument with 9mms in hand.
Bruh, yo ass bout to get lit!
by DeMarquis January 6, 2021