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Northern hemisphere lowlife. Does less than legal activities in the winter months. Likely a construction worker, generally has a snowmobile and ATV. Mud tires on his pickup that’s worth more than his house. Commonly has monster import stickers on his steering wheel. Decent to average size penis length, above average girth.
Yo, Craig’s wife got knocked up by a Snow Goon.
by Thunderdick December 4, 2021
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1.)While one is partaking in sexual relations, one flexes his muscles, screams "GET AWESOME" in the manliest voice possible, ejaculates, then leaves without bringing the female to climax. Best done on one night stands.

2.)An interjection used prior to any event that may be epic.

This phrase is thought to originate from the muffled screams of "get off me" from a female that is taking it from behind and has her face accidentally shoved into a pillow or mattress. When muffled and in the moment, these screams sound like the phrase "get awesome" and the only appropriate response is to flex your muscles and cum.

2.)Eric totally got awesome on Rachel last night.

3.)Did you see me get awesome back there?
by Thunderdick August 2, 2008
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Red Coin is a mainly female nude photo based currency. Value of the coin is largely determined based on who is in the photo, megapixel quality, positioning of subject, number of areola’s visible, filters used and how clean the mirror is in the bathroom or bedroom. Female toilet parts and dick pics are considered Canadian currency as they aren’t as sought after as nipples but still hold some value. First monetary trade of Red Coin was a drug deal where the buyer was $20 short and he paid the dealer with 4 photos of his girlfriend, making trading value starting at $5 per coin.
Yo, Craig was short on his Fantasy Football dues so he gave me 4 Red Coin.
by Thunderdick December 4, 2021
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A hand job given while in a fish house in Montana and the giver of the old fashioned reads the tv instruction manual in French.
Craig made me give him a Quebec Debbie while we camped at Cinch Buckle.
by Thunderdick November 25, 2020
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