Hey Simpson, get on the horn and tell accounting we need more TPS reports.
by famousramos June 12, 2004
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It's getting the horn on , ie, an erection. Certainly I heard and used this phrase in the around 1960 - common UK working class phrase.
"I've got the horn." "She gives me the horn." "She gives me a horn on." (horn-on?)
by Charlie June 11, 2004
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During foreplay, or making out, or any mild sexual activity, when one partner feels a sudden urge to take complete control, by pushing the other on their back, mounting them, and being extremely aggressive. Very enjoyable for both parties involved, usually a precursor to wild animal sex.
"And we were just laying there and shit, and she just got her horn on, and it was fucking sweet!!!"
by I am a fan of this technique October 1, 2004
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when you are getting horny and want to have sex.
Spencer: are you ok Kasey?
Kasey: man I am in trouble.
Spencer: what, are you getting your horn on?
Kasey: Yeh man, watch out boys my horn is on.
by littleliar July 6, 2013
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