A typical invitation issued by PC gamers, typically at a LAN or gaming center, encouraging someone to get on a PC and join the game. It is typically accompanied with a standard issue insult, such that said gamer will now be obligated to play in order to prove his/her worth as a gamer.
"I see we got some DoD goin on"

"Fuck yeah, get up in this, bitch!"
by bowling March 14, 2008
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in graffiti terms: getting your name (tag) up
i've seen 20 of his tags just today! damn, he's getting up!
by christian December 8, 2003
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When you're tryna smash but u dont wanna say it directly cause you're in front of their parents or in public
Ay ma let me get up in that later, nawwwmean
by emistrynasmash July 5, 2018
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To contact someone,to speak to someone, to get a hold of someone.
Where have you been? I've been trying to get up with you?
by StephanieB May 1, 2008
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someone's outfit, usually directed to a good looking hizzy.
(whispers)yo, check out that get up on skeezah.
by waudi c. wilkins August 5, 2003
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to graffiti tag your name in a public place
i saw his name around the street, he must be getting up
by Greg B May 18, 2005
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