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idiot,ass, blockhead, beach cafe worker, chump, cretin, donkey, dork, dunce, dunderhead, fool, halfwit, ignoramus, imbecile, jackass, jerk, meathead, mental defective, moron, nincompoop, nitwit, pinhead*, simpleton, stupid, tomfool, twat, yo-yo
What a 'gerner' mast
by Twit Mst Gen. July 19, 2006
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a Danish middle name, usually used for people with no football skills at all. In danish these are called "Bold Mongoler" or "Ball Morons" they tend to forget the complete lack of skill the posses and therefor feel the need to push people to get the ball...

These people get their names by their parents who, when the child reach the age of 4, starts to notice the kids total fumbling when a ball is involved
OH MY GOD! Did you see how he tripped on the ball and burned the house down with his complete lack of skill? Silly boy.. lets give him the Gerner midle name
by Jens Rasmussen April 20, 2004
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