A game invented by the writers of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and is often played on Loveline by Adam Carolla. What happens is a story involving bizarre human behavior is read, at which point the hosts attempt to decide if the story was from Germany or Florida, which are the capitals of all that is disturbed and evil in the world.
"Last night on loveline, they played a GOF about a guy who ate his dog. Turns out, he was from Florida. Man, there are some f***ed up people there."
by Ace December 9, 2003
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adam and drews from loveline. caller calls and gives scenario from news, adam and drew try and guess if it happened in germany or florida
a gang used frozen peas in an attempted murder. Germany or Florida?
by peter December 4, 2003
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On the radio show "Loveline". (people in Los Angeles, it's on KROQ at 10PM). Callers give a story to the hosts (and guest/s) and they guess if it took place in Germany or Florida.
Man loses genitalia to necrosis by constriction---Germany
by My name December 7, 2003
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