1.PSY's new song

2. a man who is everything a girl would want while maintaining dignity.
I'm a motherfather gentleman.

He's such a gentleman.
by Kwang.A / TornPaper April 17, 2013
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A man of calm demeanor who demonstrates good will toward others and practices the common courtesies of the society in which he inhabits. One who keeps his word when given and defends the honor of his name while using violence as only the last resort.
Your daughter will be home at eleven sir. I give you my word as a gentleman.
by TGC (The Gentleman's Club) September 07, 2015
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A true BAMF among men. one who will take an arrow to the knee but continue adventuring. someone who opens doors and saves maidens from dragons.
Dovakiin is such a gentleman
by Alduin December 30, 2011
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A man which possesses style and class.
A very sharp dresser - wears a suit, or dress pants and blazer, shirt, mens shoes, and tie or bowtie.
A gentleman is chivalrous in nature and is always well behaved.

A Gentleman knows how to treat a lady with respect. (In the rare occasion he finds one)
Well groomed, with combed hair and a clean shave - 5 o'clock shadows are acceptable after a long day, but a shave is mandatory first thing in the morning.

The Gentleman is falsely believed to be extinct.
More accurately though, they have been driven off by feminists and loud promiscuous women, in the search for women whom possess the style and class to match them.
The few that remain among the general population are more commonly referred to as "Nice Guys".
They're usually disguised as common riff-raff, wearing jeans, sneakers, t-shirts; with facial hair and unruly haircuts, constantly failing to attract or please the opposite sex.
Their self-conduct and interactions with others, usually give them away though.
Very few gentlemen dare dress the part publicly, and conduct themselves accordingly.
This is partly to a rise in fake gentlemen, who knows the dresscode, but have no manners at all and WILL disrespect women.
These fakes are usually rather easy to spot, if you know what to look for.
The before mentioned jeans, sneakers, untucked shirts, and facial hair, in combination with any of the usual Gentleman identifiers, are dead givaway.
"What happened to the Gentleman in todays society? Good men are so hard to find."
by The Real Gentleman December 09, 2014
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A man who shaves his genetalia for his significant other.
Becky: So, I went to go suck Dave's cock and he had shaved it, AND his balls, he's such a gentleman.
by meowmix1337 April 13, 2016
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A song by South Korean rapper Park Jae-Sang, known by his stage name PSY. It came out in Korea about three weeks ago, and in the rest of the world the day after. Was performed on April 13th at his "Happening" concert, named after the song he unveiled. On that day, the music video was released to YouTube, using the accompanied dance revealed at the concert. The dance is from the song "Abracadabra," made by a group called "Brown Eyed Girls." One of the members was featured in the music video. The song is a satire of people who say they treat their girlfriends so well, when they are in fact douchebags. He pulls pranks on multiple girlfriends, including pulling her chair back way too far, resulting in her falling on the floor, when one girlfriend does that to him. They start eating, and as the music builds up, they stare at each other as they eat messily. Then, they both happily walk out of the tent in which they were, he says it, and the music begins to drop.
"๐ŸŽƒI'm a mother-father gentleman." - PSY
by Alex4315 April 30, 2013
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A guy who will run to the door just to hold it open for a girl, who will pull out a girls seat even if he's across the room talking to his friends, who will offer to pay a girl back for her dance ticket just so they can get a couple's ticket, who will refuse to borrow money from any of his friends who are girls, even when he's broke and wants ice cream or a drink, and will instead offer to buy that girl something. He will always be polite and never rudely walk away from a conversation. He will laugh at all of a girl's jokes, even the lamest ones. He will never make a girl do anything she doesn't want to or pressure her to do anything. He will often say, "Ladies first," and he will actually mean it. He will always let the person he is with choose what they are doing or where they are going.
Adam is such a gentleman. He always opens the doors for girls and will insist on paying for them.

Zach calls Adam a pimp, but he's really just jealous because Adam is more of a gentleman than him.
by hesaysilookliketaylorswift October 17, 2011
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