a word defining one's level of intelligence, usually used by an incredibly cool, awesome, and intelligent person.
Sam: god, my geniusness is just so great. who else could have thought of a brilliant plan to get Rachel to stop reading our shit?
Stephanie: you're so right! hey wait a minute, GENIUSNESS IS NOT A WORD!
Sam: of course it's a word. you can add '-ness' to any word and it's a word, trust me. if you don't believe me, go on www.urbandictionary.com in like 4 days and i PROMISE it'll be there.
by not sam December 21, 2007
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The idea that Geniuses rule the world.
Einstein is a text-book example of Geniusism: Brains are better than fists.
by A.Ch. November 28, 2007
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A person who is smart most of the time, but who makes the occasional hideous spelling mistake, and therefore loses his 'smart' status.
"Tonight has produced what can only described as 'pure geniuse'!" he proclaimed when writing to tell his friends of his achievements of the evening.
by Jollynut October 4, 2010
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Someone who hates furrys, watches memes, and doesn’t care about your broken elbow
Holy shit those dank shits are Geniuses
by Goats ‘n Goats October 4, 2018
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To describe the epitamy of being clever and coming up with a great idea. This is the pinacle of great ideas and inginuity.
"That was pure Geniusnessness"
by AnnieMB March 12, 2006
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