the short version of 'you get me'
'wot u doin tonite'
'just kickin choons'
by Rachel January 18, 2005
One of the most stubborn people you will ever meet! But on the other hand she is beautiful even though she may not know it. She's funny, smart, and bad at dots. She's one of the best friends you could ask for, someone worthy of trust. She may have controversial opinions and not quite know when to stop talking; however her courage and willpower to stand by what she believes in is admirable. When you first meet her she may seem shy, however getting to know her is worth the time.
Person 1: “What’s Gemms doing?”
Person 2: “Not much, losing at uno...”
Person 1: “Classic Gemms!”
by Fairground Man February 2, 2019
slang term mainly used in southeastern Texas to describe one who pretends to be straight, but is in reality a huge homo.
Gary is a huge gemm, he tries to act like he's seen many'a pussy in his day, even though all he's seen is pickles.
by Punchy_207 June 18, 2022
A kid who likes to play with his 5' nob every night when his mom is asleep.

A kid who also beats off to gay anal porn, and every now an then 2Girls1Cup.
Gemme loves to beat off to gay anal porn, and every now an then 2girls1cup.
by behind you598 August 12, 2011
Grace miller - england

by Hugh <3 March 2, 2008
smart, cute and generally an amazing boy.

well known for his role as Peter in Finding Neverland on Broadway and an original cast member.
He also played Michael Banks in Mary Poppins on Broadway from 2012 - 2013.
He voiced Babu in Treasure Buddies and he played the character, Mario in Deliver us from evil.

He also was the young British recruiter in Tomorrowland.

extra -
He was part of the cast of You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (off Broadway) playing Snoopy
Aidan Gemme, is a smart, cute and generally an amazing boy and actor
by the anonymous girl 02 June 13, 2017
up for it. basically the answer to any question is "coz im heavy gemme"
alice: hannah why did you do that?
hannah: coz im heavy gemme.

by ifym March 7, 2009