One who always complains and asks for the homework due in three minutes. Geiers aren't all that bad though, they're ones you should keep close.
Caitlin: "She must be a Geier! She always asks for my work!"
Alison: "That's the only reason why she speaks to you though."
by missbadbitch June 1, 2018
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Genearl nerd with no friends outside of his anime. He repels all hopes of being gay by watching only lesbian porn, sometimes changing to beastiality. Seen over 330 hours of anime total, has no life outside of his home. Genearl Fag.
"Have you seen Louie Geier?"
"No, he is always in his room wanking off"

"Louie Geier watches to much anime"

"Louie Geier stuff tissues in his bra"

"Louie Geier touches himself in school"
by William Woody May 11, 2005
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