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In the prehistoric ghoulash of human stew, the god of geesage, "geesed-ton", was sitting beneath a tree when it was suddenly struck with lightning. Geesed-ton went unconscience for quite some time, however when he awakened he found himself enlightened, and instantly realized how one could geese on another. He taught the artform of the geesage to his young apprentice, Dickson Tse, and told the young man to never use the artform against another, for he knew of its true power. One day while Dickson Tse was on his way to Chinatown to retreive some cocktail-buns, he coincidentally crossed paths with Liye Zhang, the god of anti-geesage. In Dickson's conscience he knew that he shouldn't use the power of the geese, but he knew that in this situation his master would do the same. Dickson waged his geesage upon Liye, however Liye was quick to return a quick move of anti-geesage, and from that point on, the war of geesage vs. anti-geesage was engaged. To this day, the only known power to prevail over the art of geesage is the art of wombat copter.
"Oooo Nick Chun got geesed on when his grandmother queefed in his face!"
"Ahhh ferr-gaht to dooo mah dey-teyen-tion too-daaaaaaaaah...geesed!"
"You totaled your truck on the freeway, really tho? Damn you got geesed on."
"No offense, but Nagasaki got majorly geesed on by a nuke in WWII..."
by Geeser March 20, 2005
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Used by urban youth to perpetuate the shame of a peer who has just been made fun of. I observe it often in my classroom in Oakland, CA.
Damn dogg, he geesed on you! or
OHHHH! You got geesed!
by Mr. Kersh-Oliva November 05, 2004
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A popular website featuring pictures of geese. Run by CEO Ryan Goosling.
Have you been to today, shit's funny.
by Ryan Goosling June 26, 2012
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Having run out of Gooses.
Oh boy I am feeling geesed. Meaning I have ran out of gooses.
by Plantyplantplantplantplantmmm. October 16, 2018
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