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(n.) /geesh/ Usually a middle-high school boy who participates in every school event; very sporty but much of the time slightly out of shape. Considered one of the "popular" crowd, a gec' usually has about half the number of real friends a regular person does. He is a complete extrovert and thereby requires as much attention as possible. Active in the dating world long before he could drive, the gec' forces his parents take him and his girlfriend to the movies. How cool!
Dillon is such a total gec'. The kid doesn't even have a drivers license and he's already dating.
by awona;o980q38asl;d;j March 25, 2007
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Gaylord Entertainment Center in Nashville, TN. Entertainment venue where the Nashville Predators hockey team plays. Usually said "the gec."
My company has a box at the GEC and I get tickets sometimes.
by fizzle April 05, 2004
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