a gay man's anus or asshole
"my gaynus hurts so bad after last night", said Brokeback Tim
by RGDUB June 5, 2006
n - act of being or being associated with the gay
"Brian gave Chris some gaynus for his anus."
by James Bass March 21, 2003
Wow that guy sounds real gay.
Yeah He prob takes it in the gaynus
by Jim Reed June 8, 2006
Gay + Anus = Gaynus. When someone is just being stupid.
"Your such a fucking gaynus, d00d!"
by AnniehhTrixx October 12, 2009
A gaynus is a gay dudes anus that only lets cock that is of the gay nature pass through its angelic barriers
Bend over and open your gaynus for billy
A word used to define a gay person who is donating to women streamers. And to a person who drools when the streamers female say their names.

Origin - Gay + anus = gaynus
Harry : "You are a frucking gaynus"
Oringehairedkidfromharrypoter : "That was only 80 quid!"
by hot red punching hood September 8, 2021