verb: to dress or affect oneself so as to accentuate one's homosexuality. Conjugates as a french verb, thus:
1st person singular: Je me gaie
2nd person singular: Tu te gaies
3rd person singular: Il/Elle/On se gaie
1st person plural: Nous nous gayons
2nd person plural: Vous vous gayez
3rd person plural: Ils/Elles se gaient
I'm going out to Heaven tonight, so I'd better <i> me gayer </i> right now.

Queer Bash starts in ten minutes! Gayons-nous!
by atemperman April 20, 2003
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An extremely flaming homosexual. The concept "gayer than Christmas" is used because Christmas is probably the "gayest" time of the year..and to be gayer than Christmas is, well, obviously very gay!!
"Dude, this guy is gayer than Christmas. When he opens his mouth a purse falls out!"
by <3 Megs* December 29, 2005
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Gayer than gay is when something is pretty freakin' queer.

It's gayer than the Wiggles.
It's gayer than 1000 hugs in a handbag.
It's gayer than a handbag full of rainbows.
It's gayer than male hairstylists.

Oh's gay.
Oh my gosh, Jimmy has a lifesized blow up doll of Michael Bolton.

That is gayer than gay.
by Chigglywiggly November 2, 2008
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means that something is really gay, came from people thining only gay people have aids
by Kate December 3, 2004
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Normal guy: Hey man you touched my ass.

Gay guy: You love it

Normal guy: Fuck off, your Gayer than Aids.
by January 16, 2012
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Or gayer than Bri, or John, or Pete, or Shawn, or Bob, any name really. Just as long as you use someone in the room with you. For example lets say you're at a party and you spill your beer. If you shout "Gayer than Scott!", everyone will laugh at Scott instead of you. This tactic works great in crowded areas to take the focus off of you when something doesn't go your way. Try it on your friends next time you're out. It's hilarious.
by "Biff Rinaldi" April 11, 2009
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