A nickname given to A-Rod of the New York Yankees by Boston.
who's your papi?
by Raych December 18, 2004
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an idiotic person; used when someone gets on ones nerves and/or does or says something stupid

"Shut up Josh! You are not funny, you gay rod!"
by Kimberly LaPrade September 26, 2006
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Small car (usually japanese) with loud exhaust, spoiler / wing, body kit, "NOS", fruity colors, a "cold air intake system (how useless), and are always extremely weak and very slow (0 - 60 in about five minutes). But for some reason, the driver claims it to be the fastest thing ever. Variation of the phrase "Hot Rod".
The fast and the furious had a lot of gay rods.

Billy's purple lowered Honda Civic is the slowest car ever made but he picks up plenty of guys in it because it's a gay rod.

Look at the two fags too curious in the gay rod over there.
by TiC_ToK May 14, 2004
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that fag ass on the yankees who has blue lips and eye liner annd plays 3rd base
Gay-rod likes the Jeter peter
by fudgenuggets November 2, 2004
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A person who gets mad easily and takes every joke up the ass he can't talk all the shit he wants on you, but as soon as you say something about him he goes and cries to his babe about
man why did that guy straighten his hair he looks like a dyke?

that's not a dyke, that's just GAY-ROD
by yeetboys January 18, 2017
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it’s where you take the hook of a fishing rod and stick it up a dudes ass and take out their intestines and eat good.
dude:i did the gay fishing rod and i havent shit for three weeks
by eelijah._ January 8, 2022
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A white male that has a permed mullet and gets off on cars.
James is walking around like a gay rod and loving it.
by El Gordo Loco May 28, 2021
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