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A musical atrocity whose hit lyrics include . . . ‘I don’t want to be anything other then what I’ve been trying to be lately’. Of course he wouldn't because he's afaggot that sings shitty music.
Gavin Degraw's lyrics are so bad that when you look them up in a search engine, they are just crying out not to be lyrics ---> "I don't want to be lyrics"
by Justin Merrill. December 29, 2005
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It's about damn time that someone come with a decent definition for this up-and-coming mega-superstar...

With a combination of a sexy voice (I can say that even though I'm a guy because it's what it is), great vocals, and just raw talent, Gavin DegRaw is one great rookie of the music business.

Gavin DeGraw, hailing from South Fallsburg, New York (near The Catskills Mountains, close to my hometown), was born in February of 1977 to a prison-guard father, and specialist mother.

Signed with "J Records", his album, "Chariot", has sold roughly 800,000 copies, and counting...

For those who are stuck on "I Don't Wanna Be", and "Chariot", you haven't heard a snippet of it! Listen to songs like...

"Follow Through"
"More than Anyone"
"Just Friends"
"(Nice to Meet You) Anyway"
"Chemical Party"

He's also done many acoustic versions of songs, as well as many remakes of past great songs such as "A Change is Gonna Come" by Sam Cook, and an awesome remake of "We Are the Champions by Queen"

All-in-all, given a good two years and great promotion, this man will be one of the biggest household names in music since The Beatles.
Bob: Gosh! Music sucks these days! Is this all that I have to listen to?!??!?!

Gavin DeGraw believer: Have you heard of Gavin DeGraw?

Bob: Nah, is he any good?

Gavin DeGraw Believer: You know who God is, right?

Bob: Yeah...

Gavin DeGraw believer: Well, he's like him, just in the music industry

Bob: What do you mean?

Gavin DeGraw believer: He will come to save us from all things bad; GREATNESS....SHEER....GREATNESS
by StngrSplsh2k6 August 27, 2005
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just the Best singer in the world!! enough said.......
"Hey did u here that Gavin Degraws new song........ It's soo good
by BB November 21, 2004
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the BEST perfomer/ songwriter, he is so romantic and know s how to touch your heart, his cd never gets old, and screw you if you only like him for "I dont want to be", there is so much more to him. CHARIOT STRIPPED IS THE BEST CD EVER!
"tonight you aressted my mind when you came to my defense with a knife in the shape of your mouth in the form of your body with a reth fo a god"
by Jennifer March 31, 2005
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To "follow through" (when farting).

From the Gavin DeGraw lyric: "Aaow, if you wanna be with me, you know you have to FOLLOW THROUGH..."

This is clearly much funnier to a British audience, and when the song was released over here - no-one could take it seriously... not even 12-year old girls.
Urgh! Dude, it smells like you just did a Gavin DeGraw...
by Crikeymiles February 28, 2008
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