That guy/girl who is lit af and dabs like cam but also juju's on the beat like a mfer. And thinks HJ is 💯
My gawd Gauthier is fire🔥
by Killa klown klein December 20, 2016
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the most wild family you’ll ever meet. full of crackheads but they be chill crackheads. gotta love the gauthiers.
alex: that man looks like he just snorted ten lines
jim: oh yah that’s a gauthier
by madisongauthierlol August 11, 2019
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Being so stupid you make other stupid people look smart.
I let all the air out of my tires because you said it was bad and put new air in. Damn you are so Gauthiered.

I left the windows down in my car during the rain storm, cause I thought I would get a fresh rain Scent. You are so fucking Gauthiered.
by Jo jo white walls November 23, 2019
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A tall kid who is always grounded. He watches Porn on a daily basis. He acts gay but only sometimes. He is Snoop Dog JR. He's super tall and towers over everyone. He can also almost dunk. He praises Hitler. You know big feet big meat😉. He has a very not nice GF that he doesn't hang out with. He has a VERY VERY VERY sexy butt and abs. He lost his virginity to a dog. He's smart when he comes to school but anything else he's retarded
Love you daddy~Sophia
"That kid is always Grounded"
"Must be a Landon Gauthier"
by 1234323djewfrycngxTU#TFGZ March 11, 2019
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I nick gauthier condemn you to the deepest darkest pits of my chin mole
by Johnnygat59 December 8, 2013
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When a French man cums in and German mans asshole then he farts the cum in your moms pussy. 9 months later you have a cum Gauthier
Dude did you hear that he’s a cum Gauthier baby!?
by SRider September 14, 2018
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(n.)- An extremely attractive boy but unattractive to other girls. He's the drummer in a band called Water Vein that isn't too bad, you should check them out. He speaks mostly of mudkips and his band. He's so cute.
Did you see Mike Gauthier drummin' it up at his show on Sunday?
by haiicharlez February 21, 2009
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