Sittingbourne is located in Kent, England. Sittingbourne is more commonly known as Shittingbourne. Shittingbourne is the worst place to live; it also has the worst highstreet, where all the chavs hang round. All the secondary schools located there are pure shit, they don't have enough money to afford anything. If you are a foreigner i.e someone not from Shittingbourne, you will survive for about 10 minutes. The reason you will die is because you will glance up as there is someone walking towards you. You then see it is a chav/chavs who begin to shout and you, waving their fag in your face.

To spot a chav is quite easy; most wear tracksuits for adidas/Nike and wear huaraches. with a fag in their mouth.
Person 1: I might visit Sittingbourne.

Person 2: sure, but your'll be disappointed.
by iamjesusoncrack July 5, 2016
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Sittingbourne is home to many sterotypical British people, for example, chavs and roadmen. Sittingbourne has many places that attract tourists, such as Sainsburys, Ave of Remembrance,, which also attracts school children during 8.00am - 9.00am every weekday during the school term. This is where they eran half of their wage from. They go there to buy alot of sweets and junk food, to make sure they have energy to get through the school day.
Don't go to Sittingbourne, there are too many chavs there.
by The Supreme Legend January 26, 2021
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