A man who is going out with a lady who is considerably older than he is. So called because he can often be found servicing an old boiler.
That Ashton Kutcher he's a total gasman.
by Iain1977 March 26, 2007
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Weed man, the plug, has the top shelf. that gas man. aka weed dealer. a LA term, because la weed is considered the best in the US, we would call out weed dealer gasmen because that got that gas man.
" Dang bruh you always have that fire, you're the gasman"
" She said your weed boof ....... So dont get mad at me, if you need that gas man just hit me"
by LAStoner March 27, 2017
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wee fanny that goes round pensioners houses to rob them, theyre usually neds or pedos
guy 1-‘open this door for i am a bogus gasman here to ransack ur hoose
guy 2-‘no for i have this magic peephole
by davidmurphy September 4, 2019
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The act of tea bagging ones friend while he/she is incapable of moving. When he/she screams for you to stop you drop your testicles into there mouth forcing them to breath through there nose as you pass gas in directly into there face.
My friend had a accident and was in a hospital bed unable to move. Being the great friend i am i gave him a stinky gasman.
by jrod80 July 1, 2010
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