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A man who is going out with a lady who is considerably older than he is. So called because he can often be found servicing an old boiler.
That Ashton Kutcher he's a total gasman.
by Iain1977 March 26, 2007
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someone who says a lot of things which are not true.
This gas man got beaten up the other day and nearly died but he told his friends he was standing there as strong as a steel soldier and they should see the other guy
by Klumsy'x May 22, 2009
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The most inconvient person with no aspect of time. Whatsoever.
Gas Operator: Yes, well he'll be there tomorrow, Wednesday, between nine and six.
No Gas Man...
21:46: Gas Man: (Finally Arrives) Hello. You called for a Gas Man. Bear in mind I'll charge extra for being called out on the weekend.
by regs_ October 28, 2004
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Old Slang for an anaesthesiologist.
Where is my gas man?!

- Surgeon keen to finish todays work and hit the links.
by TQFFE February 03, 2018
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Weed man, the plug, has the top shelf. that gas man. aka weed dealer. a LA term, because la weed is considered the best in the US, we would call out weed dealer gasmen because that got that gas man.
" Dang bruh you always have that fire, you're the gasman"
" She said your weed boof ....... So dont get mad at me, if you need that gas man just hit me"
by LAStoner March 27, 2017
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a mam who likes to fart all the time and does it like it is his job, the fars always smell. also the gas man is a fagget because that is what the gas man is a dancing farting fagget!
gary maffettone is a gas man
by wouldntuliketoknow June 14, 2004
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