a small shed on top of a hill, in a wide river
it is also a name
"Go up to the Gaskell please and get me my sandwhich"
"Will you play tambourine in my band, Mr Gaskell?"
by Charlie Antelop May 25, 2006
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A derivation of the old English word used to describe ladies of the night.

A "Gasbag" was commonly used to describe a cheap hooker in the late 1960's in England.

The alledged offspring of such a woman carried the derisory title of a Gaskid, later evolved to Gaskell
That boys mothers a right slapper. Hes a little Gaskell
by josemarino2 February 20, 2009
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A prick, a boy who doesn’t have manners or respect towards girls. He is the opposite to selfless and will do anything to not have to help others who need his help. He has all of his teachers wrapped round his little finger, they all think he is perfect and cannot do wrong. I would definitely recommend you stay clear of this person.
Elliott Gaskell boii:Someone who has no respect and is self centred
by Among_the_anonymous December 19, 2017
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Where one person is too lazy to do any work they will resort to the easiest shortcuts to finish something quickly and extreme ignorance towards rules and respect.
"I'm just going to copy and paste it"
"Come on, don't pull a Gaskell"
by Daes&dickheads November 8, 2017
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