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Gas line: crossing the stage in a new romance when one feels comfortable enough to rip off a roaring, smelly fart."
"Billy and I crossed the gas line in bed last night so it must be love."
by I.M. Salmon August 28, 2009
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to use one's emotions against them to make them feel bad. say you're upset with someone for something bad that they did, but they get "emotional" and turn it against you to make you seem like the bad one for being upset in the first place. it usually works on people who are naïve or people who have no confidence to stand up for themselves.
She gas-lined me because i was angry at her for abandoning me.
by pantyshots August 30, 2017
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Hey do you have a friend name Gasline.. If you don't then you missing the most amazing friend. If you do keep her either your a boy or a girl she will be the most amazing craziest girl you'll every meet. Her name is a very unique name. If you do Find a Gasline shell provably be French

Haitian Hispanic Jamaicanor just American. Who knows she probably can be something else. Gasline will probably be known for her popularity. Her Body will be lots of other girls Goals and lots of boys find her attractive more of her personality then her body. Her butt is also Goals but other than that she a very good friend. She not scared to do anything I mean anything. She will have lots of friend. She will probably get pregnant in college years with a very cute boy. Shell have a very amazing life. When she gets married her marriage will be extremely amazing. She will hate the color pink. She's a tomboy. She very beautiful very talented she has a beautiful smile. She can be mean, she don't fuck with bitches and niggas who take shit for granted. She don't fuck with unloyal people. If you see a Gasline you should say hi trust me you wont regret it she will become one of your best friend. She might not show emotions a lot but trust me she will feel like you've been in her life since forever and shell love to hear the drama in this world. She so perfect that any girls and boys get jealous of her.
Person 1 yo I can't believe Jayla broke up with me this so meet up..

Person 2 Don't worry man she wasn't that pretty anyway..

Peron 1 who's that girl over there. In that group oh that's Gasline she really crazy I bet she even prettier then Jayla
Person 2 Hey where are you going

Person 1 bout to take my chances so back of shes mine man sorry you missed your chance
Person 2 Dammit I should of showed him to Stephenie she just like Jayla the ugly one.
by Gasline May 15, 2018
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