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a small town in new jersey, most everyone from garwood is pretty awesome. the town is laid back and very chill. most think of garwood as being a poor town, but thats only because its surrounded by snobby asshole towns that are "rich". theres so much to do in garwood, and A LOT of places to eat for such a small town, all in all, its probably the sickest and most real town in union county

*garwood backwards is doowrag, were automatically better than you*
bob: "lets chill in garwood, im so bored"
bill: "lets move to garwood, its so fucking awesome!!"
by themostawesomepersonever. January 13, 2013
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A very small town in New Jersey. Spelled backwards Garwood is Doowrag! There are 5,000 residents in Doowrag, I mean Garwood! Garwood is nestled between Westfield and Cranford. Garwood does not have its own High School.
Westfield kid: "yo, let's go hang out in Garwood"
Cranford kid: "You mean doowrag...ha ha ha"
by JKY Love December 05, 2008
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A very large obese/fat guy.
Big gut hanging over pants.
He sure has alot of Garwood!
by BGar October 22, 2006
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Dude, James just harpooned Brendan and then invited him to a party. What a Garwood.
by Robert R. Magius February 11, 2010
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The trash dump in NJ surrounded buy legit towns. Taxes are high and the one school is garbage with incompetence in town hall. Also known as Doowrag, the town is known more for its swinger population than intelligent life.
“That part of Westfield looks all Garwood, we can leave our trash there”

“Intelligent life has yet to be found on Mars, it’s the Garwood of outer space
by Classysongchick February 01, 2020
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