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a party of gardens. In many cases the garden is made of weed. Some people might tell you to stay off the weeeed. But at a garty everyone loves the weed. Some might confuse this with a gay party, but that is something else all together.
TJ: "you im throwing a dope garty tonight"
Barton: "I'll bring the snacks"
Toby :"I'm gay so I'm not going"
Maggie and Peterson: "Same"
TJ and Barton: "ITS GARTY SZN!!!!!"
by Clemsonisvetterthanbama August 10, 2017
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A party or gathering that mainly consists of gay attendees and fruit flies.

Some spell it "gardy" but that is just incorrect.
Hey, want to check out that house garty in the Castro? I heard it's vampire themed!

Like Oh Em Gee, did you see what Stan wore to last night's garty? It totally made him look fat.
by JashyK August 01, 2011
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