A derogatory term for a person originally from Saskatchewan, which is "The Gap" between Alberta and Manitoba.
Joe: What the hell, that car just cut us off!
Billy: F*cking gappers! Go back to your own province!
by CL_ November 26, 2007
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N. A female who, when standing with legs together, has a small triangular gap visible between her crotch and legs.
I got extra hard when I looked down and saw she was a gapper.
by _Jagoff_ August 19, 2008
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a kook that comes to tahoe to ski from another area or country

ussualy wears neon colored clothes from the 80's
have sunscreen all over there faces
and have a pussy ass accent
"yo did you see that gapper ski by homie"

"yeah lets go spray that fuckin kook"
by fuckallgapers June 29, 2007
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I'm a gapper.

You're a gapper.

He/she is a gapper.

We are gappers.
by Gap Year December 31, 2010
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a driver who hangs back at least 2 car lengths from the car in front of him because he is in no hurry to get to his destination. This usually causes road rage for the driver behind him.
That freaking gapper is making me nuts! Move up ***hole!
by little girl September 13, 2005
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word to describe a person on the 'ski le gap' ski instructing program in quebec, canada
'that gapper vandalised my bar sign!'
by ski-le-gap September 7, 2006
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May also be pronounced, "Gayper." The term, "Gapper" is derived from people found on the ski hill that generally sport the dreaded helmet gap. The gap that exists between the brim of a ski helmet and the frame of the ski goggles. Generally these people don't seem to care that a very visible 2" gap exists exposing their forehead to the elements. As a result, "Gapper" can now generally be used to describe any skier that clearly has no sense of style or, fashion awareness.
"Hey man, check out all those gappers out on the bunny hill"

"Holy s**t, I have never seen a 3" gap before! That's the biggest gapper I've ever seen!!!"

"Damn eh, that gapper just cut me off in the lift line!"
by Steven Paolasini January 11, 2008
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