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A faggot ass queer as a weasel nerd that has a gay voice, trys to act like he's cool, and trys to act so great by pretending he's "bad" oooooooooo im so impressed(sarcasm)dresses in shit 5 dollar clothes, and trys to act so cool and rlly fails like a fag.
a Gapling: yeaaa, ya know wut, YOU NEW WUUUYEEETTT, yeeeaaa, so wuzzzupppp
Cool Kid: umm, yo?
the Gapling: so, yea, like, i totally like, yeaaaa ran away from home, but my mom wont find me, the cops wont find, me, yeaaaaaaa so like should i get outta town till like 10 o clock like rlly l8
Cool Kid: wtf r u saying u didn't run away wow dude...
the Gapling: (uses phone dial for bleeps) *BLEEP*BLEEP
Cool Kid:umm wtf?
the Gapling: see how much im cursin' im cursin yeeeuhhhhh, u motha *BLEEP
Cool Kid: like bleep effects by dialing the numbers on ur phone...
Gapling: yeaa but mom, like totally called the cops, but they aint gonna find meee...... yeaaaa.......
Cool Kid: WOW SO GREEAATT WOW(not)so like txt me when ur done being(a faggot) a bad boiiiiiii whoaaa
Gapling: ohh yeaa i was a bad boi and i cant text my momm blocked ittt......
Cool Kid: Well ur a fucking queer bate cuntpidgeon.
Gapling: (Sounds of looking up words on the internet)well.. you uhhh....... you suck.. cock....yea u suck cock. heheheh
Gapling: yeaa, so like u no wut im a lil mad 2day
Gapling: i had like 5 girlfriends that all broke up with my, cuz i was cheat in duhhhhh(gay voice)
Cool Kid: BYE FAGGOT(hangs up)
by Mark Regal April 22, 2008
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