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Ganker: (gayn-kur) noun: A person who is too bad at Dark Souls to ever win a fair fight, and decides to use cheap tactics like 3v1ing and TWoP to get a few bull shit wins so he can feel good about himself.
Wow, I invaded a guys world in dark souls, and he had his two friends gang up on me. What a ganker.
by DarkSoulz September 02, 2012
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WoW term. Too stupid to enter a battleground, while also being too idiotic to do something constructive or useful with his/her game time/life, so they are often sighted grouping up and attacking lower level players from behind while they fight something else or recover from a fight.
Damn gankers, camping at Nesignwary's and killing everyone on sight.
by farlover September 20, 2007
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One who exploits and underhanded tactics to win a battle to make up for their lack of school.
I would have won if that filthy ganker hadn't backstabbed me while I was AFK.
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Someone who uses any and all opportunities they have to cheat or gain an unfair advantage in social and or gaming conflicts.
Guy 1: Bruh did you hear Nichole assuming desirable facts to make herself look right in that arguement? Guy 2: Yeah what a total ganker.

Guy 2: But did you hear about Steve summoning 3 phantoms to battle a single invader in Dark Souls? Guy 1: Yeah he's a major ganker.
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ganker. (n). Referring to ones brown eye. More specifically, the ganker is the actual sphincter of the anus. Used to speak directly of the ganker.
After eating 25 three-mile-island hot wings at Hooters my ganker was sore the next morning.

Her ganker was sore the next morning after I Donkey Punched her.
by capngrumpy December 06, 2005
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