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a large group of ppl fighting against a small group of ppl
d00d that was a huge fucking gank!
by Teliot May 04, 2003
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a gaming term that, in modern usage, means to kill another player in a way that can be considered harassing, trolling, or griefing.

Often, this activity occurs out in the persistent world, performed upon a player who is just minding his own business - often a player that is significantly weaker in power, and has no interest in a pvp contest. Often involves multiple people ganging up on one weaker player.

Not to be confused with ambushing or assassinating strategic targets in a structured pvp setting.
"There's a dick rogue in STV ganking lowbies, anybody wanna help?"

"Shit, I just got ganked outside the raid, gimme a minute guys"

"Oh man, I ganked this lowbie DK so hard that he jumped onto a level 1 alt, and now he's spamming at me! He's so pissed, LOL!"
by DrakeWurrum March 10, 2012
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Gank has been modified by employees of WebMD to mean when a manager ruins something you have planned. Sort of how Lumberg in "Office Space" tries to make Peter work all weekend. That was an attempted ganking.
"Man...I've got great tickets to the game and George (SGA) just ganked me. Now I can't go."

"Even though I've got 40 hours of comp time coming to me, George just ganked me out of my day off to finish the project."
by SGA-LOVER March 07, 2005
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To blatently screw someone over, than proceed to laugh at them about it in their presense.
"Haha, we sure ganked that pussy's shit. Yeah you!"
by Anonymous September 16, 2003
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Short for "gangster" or "gangsta".
That band is so gank.
That shirt is so gank.
That song is so gank.
That guy is so gank.
by deathwish124 July 31, 2009
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